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The Advantages of Playing Online Bingo

Bingo is one of the best known table games in the World. Played by children since the seventeenth century, it only began to appreciated by adults after the First World War when some enterprising minister began to organise bingo sessions in local church halls with the profits going towards the community.

Gradually Bingo began to gain commercial appeal and some of the first commercial bingo halls began to spring up in the twenties. You can well imagine the difficulties that would be involved in organizing such events with lack of proper loudspeakers and any form of professional equipment, Yet Bingo grew in popularity every year, not only because it was fun to play, but also because it was a very good reason for people to get out of the house and meet their friends for an inexpensive evening of light entertainment. 

All this came to an end with the outbreak of World War Two when the lights went out all over Europe. They came back on after the war was over and with advantages in technology and a surge in post war wealth, bingo halls were springing up everywhere. The sixties were the peak years for bingo halls and with roll-up prizes being several halls bringing in considerable cash prizes; it seemed that bingo would be around forever.

However things change and in the seventies the popularity of bingo began to decline and by the eighties it was almost impossible to find a bingo hall in the UK.

It seemed like bingo was about to be confined to the history books until the mid nineties when the possibilities that the internet presented meant that it would be possible to play bingo online.

Bingo was back and with a bang. And it didn’t take too long for the advantages of playing online bingo began to become very obvious. First of all players never had to leave the warmth and comfort of their homes on a cold British evening to make their way to the nearest bingo hall to play their favourite game. They could play whenever they wanted at home or indeed anywhere they might be as long as they had a laptop or Smartphone and access to the internet.

Secondly the prizes were so much bigger because there were more players taking part in every session.
And last but not least the fact that online bingo halls have nothing likes the overheads that land casinos did. That means that online bingo operators can offer their members loads of bonuses and organise tournaments and promotions that  would have been impossible for land halls to even consider,

These are just some of the advantages of playing online bingo. Why not give it a try and find out more!


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